Linda Timlin

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Council: 2021, 2022, 2023

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I am very new to birding (less than a year). I have always had an interest in birding but did not really think much about it until June of 2013 when I saw the Franklin Institute Red-tailed Hawks fledge from the ledge/nest. I also remember watching a Bald Eagle feed its baby while on a nature cruise in Bar Harbor Maine in 2007, that was fascinating. One of my best friends has been very involved in birding and I have gone on a few "chases" with him. I chased the Couch's Kingbird in New York City this January and the Wallkill Gyrfalcon in February. Success in both chases. I started doing the Bird Philly walks in May and I think they are great. Very informative and a great way to learn, I live in Roxborough and have birded in Houston Meadow, the Wissahiccon, Pennypack Park, John Heinz NWR, Palmyra Cove and a few other areas.