Lisa Fanning

Member since: May 31, 2016

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My interest in birds runs through my veins. As a young girl, growing up in Brooklyn, NY, the product of a pigeon fancier dad who taught me to respect hawks and a laruphile mom who would point the different species out on the beach at Coney Island, my appreciation began at a young age.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010, when a volunteer opportunity at Presidents beach, monitoring shorebirds and Least Terns opened new doors and a new appreciation.

The first such opportunity came when my friend, Linda took me to the Cape Map Fall Festival (which happened to be the fall out of 2010). A new passion was born.

In addition to the many lifers, including a vagrant Henslow\'s sparrow, the field at Higbee\'s also introduced me to the man who would become my husband and partner in crime, Rob.

Since those early days, I\'ve birded New Mexico, Michigan, California, Texas, Florida, and the entire East Coast. One of my best memories was the chase that brought life bird #301 - the Grey-hooded Gull on Coney Island at the very beach that my mom would point out the gulls when I was young.

I have focused my efforts mainly on my ABA list, having come to listing later in life, and particularly enjoy birding my adopted home county of Monmouth and leading field trips as field trip chair for Monmouth County Audubon Society.

When I\'m not birding or bugging, I\'m working as a Project Manager for a financial services firm (and I have been known to let my eye wander as the Ring bills fly by my office window in Jersey City).