Luc Jacobs

Member since: December 07, 2020

We are Therese and Luc Jacobs. We are originally from Belgium and moved for work to the Philadelphia area in 1997. We have become citizens about 10 years ago. We have always loved the outdoors and did lots of hiking, observing both fauna and flora. About 3 years ago, while vacationing in Florida, we went on a couple of group bird walks with a local Audubon Society and got immediately hooked to this wonderful hobby. We mostly bird in all the local parks and preserves in South East Pennsylvania, but have also started to travel for birding. We have been to California and Panama on organized birding trips and, once Covid is behind us, we plan to continue to do more of this. While birding, we have met some wonderful people and made some very nice friendships and we find everyone so helpful to improve our birding skills.