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My predisposition to watch birds started with pet parakeets. Interests in photography and sailing increased my opportunities to become more interested… especially when the wind died on Lake Nockamixon! In Nova Scotia a male American Goldfinch in breeding plumage caught my eye… and that took me over the threshold to becoming a “birder” more than 20 yrs ago. My husband (Frank Roman…known to many DVOC members also) and I include birding as part of any vacation trips… beginning with our honeymoon in Maine. Baxter Park and whale watches started to give us varieties to expand our interest. Frank and I both enjoyed many of Skip Conant’s Main Line Night School classes and walks. Of course, that led us to Tom Reeves and Tinicum (as well as the bridle path at Ridley Park). Other trips to Montana and Southeastern Arizona have centered around birding as well. We are both members of the Valley Forge Audubon Chapter and have been involved in the Christmas and Breeding bird counts for many years. We have been section leaders for many years and lately are enjoying the assignment of Evansburg Park and environs. Due to encouragement and support from Denis Brennan and Tom Reeves, I have been volunteering to lead bird walks at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum for several years also. I look forward to attending DVOC activities whenever possible and hope that my membership application is accepted. Thank you for your time and range of birding opportunities to share.