Mandy Gibson


Member since: January 20, 2022


I am one of the many who became super-obsessed with birding during the pandemic. I found my days revolving around when I could go to my "catio" to watch my bird feeders or take a little walk down to my neighborhood park. I came to know the "neighborhood murder of crows" (as I call them) and have a true bird buffet in my yard. There's a group of pigeons and a nuthatch that eat peanuts out of my hands, and I just always have my eyes in the sky wherever I go. Luckily my partner also fell deep into the birding rabbit-hole, so I have an extra set of eyes whenever I'm out on the trails (or driving!).

You can usually find me at the Heinz refuge or the Norwood Athletic Park. I am also obsessed with a couple of peregrine falcons that nest at Temple University, and I'm lucky to work on the top-floor of one of the tallest buildings on campus because it gives me a true bird's eye view of their comings and goings (pun intended).

I am interested in learning more about birds, finding more "lifers," and meeting like-minded folks who want to share their birding knowledge, increase conservation efforts, or join me on the trails.