Nate Rice

Positions and Achievements

Council: 2008, 2007, 2006

Fellow of the DVOC

Life Member

I am the Ornithology collection manager at the Academy of Natural Sciences. I came to Philadelphia in 1999 after finishing my Ph.D. at the University of Kansas. I’ve had a lifelong passion for birds. As a child, growing up in Wisconsin, I watched birds at my parent’s feeders and made frequent birding/nature trips around the state. As an undergraduate, I became interested in birds from a scientific standpoint and have since been working as a research Ornithologist. My work at the Academy usually brings me on two collecting trips each year allowing me to conduct fieldwork in faraway places like Guyana, Paraguay, Australia, and Equatorial Guinea. Aside from general collecting, I also conduct research on the phylogenetic relationships of birds, particularly suboscine passerines.