Rebecca Reicherter

Member since: May 23, 2021

My mom instilled in me a love and appreciation for nature from a very young age. My first word ("bird") led to countless hours spent observing fauna and flora in the backyard and local parks. In college, I spent two years studying Brown-Headed Cowbird behavior at the White Laboratory at Morris Arboretum. My career so far has led me elsewhere but I discovered wildlife rehabilitation while living in Napa, CA. In that, I found a true calling. Raptors are my favorite creatures to rehabilitate. Their strength and tenacity are even more impressive up close and make it all the more rewarding to aid in their recovery and release.

The 2019 CBC with the DVOC was my first offical foray into birding and I haven't looked back since! I spent a year birding in California before returning to the Philly area, where I get out at least once a weekend. Favorite local spots include Saunders Woods and Heinz Refuge. I'm equally enthralled by species common and rare - the pileated woodpecker, brown creeper, northern harrier, and red-shouldered hawk are some of my favorites.

Birding is like moving meditation to me, with all senses engaged and in tune with my surroundings. I like to stand still and watch the birds' behavior as they go about their normal routines and enjoy the irony that we stumble over ourselves to get a glimpse of their world.