Richard Wainstein

Member since: September 09, 2020

I was introduced to birdwatching in Northern Virginia in the early 1980's by Dick Andrews, a high school friend's father and long-time ABA member. It took some years, a move to Philadelphia, a couple optics upgrades and The Sibley Guide before I could say I started birding. Proximity to Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and its "resident" birders has been the biggest influence. For years during spring migration I've run into into Frank Windfelder who generously shares his knowledge and enthusiasm. More recently I started joining walks at Heinz led by Gregg Gorton, Debbie Beer, Edie Parnum and others who do the same. Favorite birding spots have also included Brigantine, Cape May, Bombay Hook and Chincoteague. I retired from my legal career at the end of 2019 and have been able to devote more time and energy to birding. I hope to become more involved in the birding community, and to have the opportunity to "give back" some of what the community has already given to me.