Rollin Gallagher

Member since: January 01, 2014

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I grew up on the North Shore of Boston, introduced to birding and birding science on the shores and woodlands of Cape Anne by my Aunt, Francis L. Burnett, an ornithologist working at Harvard at the time, with summers at my parent's boys camp in Southwestern NH where we spent considerable time on the rives and in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. During formative, pre-teen imprinting years my naturalist interests were kindled by accompanying my Aunt on various projects such a banding least terns on Plum Island, dissecting and measuring various field and woodland rodent populations, and investigation of an oil spill's effects on seabird deaths off Monomoy Point (now Island) in Cape Cod. I have since carried binocs all of my life on hikes and while fishing wherever I had the chance during a busy academic medical career in MA/CO/NH/VT/NY and most recently in PA, where introduction to the Academy of Natural Sciences through my son, and meeting up with an old school firiend, Arthur Newbold, introduced me to PA birding. I joinded the BOD of Audubon PA in 2009, where our work of habitat preservation and public education is so important. I occasionally swap notes with member Gregg Gorton, a colleague, and bird locally on walks guided by Gregg and others at Tinicium and various Main Liine walks. The pleasures of birding accompany me on all my personal and professional travel.