Sarah Loughran

Positions and Achievements

For a few years prior I saw birders at Militia Hill (now the Hawk Watch). I was interested and began watching in 1998. I found that it was challenging and very enjoyable. I've kept up since then, always expanding my knowledge only to find there is ever more to know. Last Fall I visited NZ and Australia - the birding was overwhelming. With Cheryl Cutler (herb's daughter) and my now husband Mike Trager, I visited Gannet colony at Murina Beach. At O'Reilly's my guide was Glen Trelfo, who was a photographer for BBC. I saw 39 life birds in one day - and gloworms that night! For quite a few years I have gone birding with Andy Fayer and Jim Best and members of WA. I participate in the Christmas Count and Fort Washington Clean-ups. Unfortunately I can't do pelagics, as a few people know. I so enjoy the activity and like a good friend it's not always easy for me - but rewarding.