Scott Fraser

Member DVOC World Series of Birding Team 2012, 2013

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I have been a computer professional since 1986, straight out of high school. I was encouraged by many to take the time to go to college just to get it done with, so I finally did. In the late 80’s I started attending Eastern University in Wayne, PA. With no clue as to what to major in, an infectiously enthusiastic biology professor (Dr. Joe Sheldon, now at Messiah College outside Harrisburg) talked me into taking some classes at a school in Michigan. The school was Au Sable (, and it had a huge impact on me in many ways, including introducing me to birding. So thanks to him, I am now a member of DVOC today and forever grateful for my experiences at Au Sable.

Before settling down “with children”, I managed to work in some international birding, including Scotland, Kenya, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the Galapagos. In North America most of my birding has been almost all “Eastern”, from Key West all the way up to Prince Edward Island. A birding trip to the western U.S. is going to do wonders for my life list.

I have participated in the WSOB team "The Four Loons" for the last 8 years, with no plans to stop. This is a birding highlight every year now, and I usually take a much needed week off from work for the event.

Now that my wife and I are tied down with kids, dogs, cats, and soon chickens, I mostly do yard birding outside of the WSOB festivities, with occasional small trips worked in when possible. We live next to Evansburg State Park in Montgomery County, and the yard list is slowly growing.

To pay the bills I am a founder and CTO of Portico Systems in Conshohocken. Our website is at

For more about me and my interests, please visit my blog at
Ornithological Studies Presentations

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