Shawn Towey

Member since: October 16, 2020

I got started when I was planning a trip to the Yucatan and a friend insisted I take a small pair of binoculars. We didn't have a Mexico bird book, but we borrowed a US one. Warblers, frigatebirds, boobies, there were so many I can't pick one as my "spark" bird -- it was more like spark trip. Thereafter came Cape May and Tinicum/Heinz. Living in Germantown, Carpenter's Woods was my go-to place. As a neighbor and friend of Keith Russell I've been honored to be included in the PMWBC many times. In 2018 my wife and I moved to a house on a mostly wooded acre the Valley Forge area, so this is my usual birding spot now. I still like to bird in Philly when I get a chance.