Yoav Chudnoff

Positions and Achievements

Life Member

[Yoav did not submit a bio - the following was taken from one fo his on-line pages. Yoav has been a progam speaker at DVOC, and his trip of 2007 was attended by F. Windfelder, M. Keefe, D. Jones, J. Raine, the Berts, and numerous other club members; he is also active in The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust birding group] Yoav Chudnoff is an avid birder, with a strong fascination with the Picidae. Yoav is involved in promoting Bidring and Avifauna conservation in Bulgaria. He has been working as a volunteer representative of the Bulagrian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) in the United States...The BSPB is Bird-Life International's Bulagrian partner. [His small family hotel]in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast town of Simemoretz....participates in nature tourism and conservation and, in particular, birding.