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Growing up as a kid near Trenton, New Jersey, always noticed various birds all around but the cool kids never talked about them so I did not dare. Eventually discovered birding while at Stockton State College but have not been involved with any birding organizations for many years. Then, I guess the moon was full and the ocean tide was at its highest sometime during the last week of September of 2008. Stumbled on the DVOC website one night sitting in front of the computer. My last attendance at an organized birding trip dating back to early 90's, I decided to attend the DVOC's fall field trip (trip leader was Frank Windfelder) to look for Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow at Tuckerton Marsh in NJ. With sunlight to our backs, walking through the beautiful salt marsh, Frank Windfelder pointed out both the Saltmarsh and Nelson's Sharp-tailed sparrows to the group. Both life birds (not that I keep a such list). Wow !!! I said to myself, how can a sparrow look that beautiful !.Never looked back since thanks to the Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow, Frank Windfelder, and a few DVOC members whom I met during the Tuckerton trip.