Bob Billings Big Year Winner

DVOC congratulates Sandra Keller, the winner of the 2018 Bob Billings Big Year award. Sandra saw 303 species of birds in the DVOC program area in 2018, all but one in New Jersey! The award will be presented to Sandra at the March 21 DVOC meeting, with members of Bob Billings’s family present, and Sandra will give us a brief talk …

Cityscapes and Greenscapes Conference

The Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators 2019 “Cityscapes and Greenscapes” Conference will take place on March 18 and 19 at the Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel. The “early bird” registration deadline is February 25th.

Delmarva Ornithological Society 2019 Conservation Science Grant

The Delmarva Ornithological Society 2019 Conservation Science Grant supports projects, located within the state of Delaware and the Delaware River estuary in PA and NJ, which emphasize species and habitat conservation and management. Non-profit organizations and both affiliated and unaffiliated researchers are eligible to apply. This year’s application deadline is 3/29/19.

Minutes – Jan. 17, 2019

Delaware Valley Ornithological Club Time: 7:36pm Call To Order: President: Marty Dellwo (for George Armistead) VP: Linda Widdop; Secretary: Gregg Gorton Attendees: Members present: 26; 1 guest: Sena Singer Reports from Council: none Committee Reports: Membership: Gregg Gorton (for Bonnie Witmer) New Members: Maya Langer (present), James & Candace Fritz, Bernard Foy Report for 2018: The club took in 30 …