2021 Officers, Councilors, and Fellows

The election of DVOC officers and councilors is held each year at the “Annual Members’ Meeting” each January. The results of the election held at the January 7 2021 meeting are as follows: Officers (for 1-year terms) President: Linda WiddopVice President: Gregg GortonSecretary: Barbara BassettTreasurer: Martin Dellwo Councilors-at-Large (for 3-year terms) Linda TimlinMike Walter DVOC congratulates the elected officers and …

Results of the Photo Contest

Thanks to Steve Mattan who hosted and to the judges – Linda Timlin, Judy Stepenaskie, and Patrick McGill. See all the winning photos here Birds1st Place: Barb Basset – “Grassling” Wattlebird2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Red-billed Tropicbird3rd Place: Sue Sherman – Backwards GlanceHonorable Mention: Paul Guris – Unwelcome Visitor Fauna1st Place: Kevin Berkoff – Chimpanzee2nd Place: Anne Bekker – Anax longipes3rd Place: …

Nominating Committee Report

The DVOC Nominating Committee has developed its slate of nominees for Officers and Councilors-at-Large, for the election to be held at the January 7 2021 Members’ Meeting. The nominees are: Officers, each for a second 1-year term:President: Linda WiddopVice President: Gregg GortonSecretary: Barbara BassettTreasurer: Martin Dellwo Councilors-at Large (two positions), for 3-year terms:Linda TimlinMike Walter Per the By-Laws, the slate …

Lights Out, Philly!

In response to the tragic bird mortality event of October 2, Robert M. Peck and Keith Russell have published a piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer, which includes seven actions that home- and building-owners can take as we move toward a “Lights Out” initiative in Philadelphia. https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/commentary/birds-center-city-philadelphia-lights-out-buildings-20201021.html

Bob Billings Big Year Award Presentation

The November 5 Virtual DVOC meeting will include the presentation of the 2019 Bob Billings Big Year award to Barb Bassett. Barb topped all other participants by seeing 290 species of birds in the DVOC program area in 2019, almost all of them in New Jersey! Her total included 4 species never before sighted during the 9-year history of the competition. …

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Under Threat

A reminder to voice your objection to the F&WS plan to gut the Migratory Bird Treaty Act by codifying the removal of penalties against industries for “accidental take” of birds into law. See summary below:https://www.fws.gov/birds/news/200605MBTA.php*Submit your comments by July 20* at the following link (reference Option B):https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=FWS-HQ-MB-2018-0090-8411

2020 Philadelphia Mid-winter Bird Census Report

The 2020 Philadelphia Mid-winter Bird Census Report is now available here. Ninety-nine participants in 37 parties took part in the 2020 census, recording 109 species and 28,382 individual birds.


Important: Participants MUST sign up by Wednesday, May 8. Please provide Bob Horton with your full name, drivers license number and state, and date of birth. To grant access to the base, the military needs this information in advance of our trip. NOTE: This trip may be canceled based on restrictions due to COVID-19. The grasslands here are the best …

Bombay Hook Christmas Count 2019

Club member Andy Ednie has provided us with these three files related to the most recent Bombay Hook Christmas CountReporthttps://mcusercontent.com/258b7d1caa6e9161aa8c3924a/files/b8e61598-e27e-423c-8a24-6a1b41a07c36/BBCC_2019_1.pdf Fact sheethttps://mcusercontent.com/258b7d1caa6e9161aa8c3924a/files/71b65690-7a59-470a-bb81-bb5243d2254f/BBCC_2019_2.pdf Datahttps://mcusercontent.com/258b7d1caa6e9161aa8c3924a/files/21d36fbe-d7d3-4b06-bdd7-db3462066340/BBCC_2019_3.pdf

Bob Billings Big Year Winner

DVOC congratulates Barb Bassett, the winner of the 2019 Bob Billings Big Year award. Barb saw 290 species of birds in the DVOC program area in 2019, almost all of them in New Jersey! The award will be presented to Barb at a future DVOC meeting, with members of Bob Billings’s family present, and Barb will give us a brief talk about …