A Message From George Armistead

Dear DVOC Members,

By now surely everyone is aware that on March 22nd, we lost our dear friend and club president, Steve Kacir quite suddenly and unexpectedly . There is a nice piece about Steve on Philly.com in case you have not seen it. This has left us with some questions about the future leadership of the club and so we wanted to let you all know the plan going forward.

The executive officers of the clubs include the treasurer, Cassinia editor, secretary, vice president and president. All are elected positions with the exception of editor who is appointed by the club president. Typically elected officers at the posts of secretary, VP and president serve two years at each post. The usual situation is that after a president cycles off, they are replaced by the VP, who is replaced by the secretary, and a new officer is elected to be secretary. This has worked well for us, and the progression helps ensure that the president is well versed in all club practices.

As Steve was just 3 months into his presidency, that leaves us with some time to fill at the post of president (about 1 year and 9 months). As Vice President I have asked past President Phil Witmer to serve out the rest of this year as president, and Phil has graciously agreed. For 2017 the nominating committee has been tasked with finding a nominee who will agree to a one-year term as president, who the members will vote on at the annual meeting in January. Then in 2018, both Linda Widdop (current secretary) and I can continue as planned with our projected terms as officers.

We wanted to let you know what was going on, and assure everyone that despite losing one of our most valued club members in Steve, that the club is in good shape moving ahead.

Thanks and remember too that Steve’s wife asks that any donations in Steve’s name be made to the DVOC or to the Nature Conservancy. If you wish to donate to the DVOC, please consider directing your donation to one or more of the DVOC initiatives that Steve strongly supported. These are:

The Academy Interns Fund
New Bins For New Birders (NB4NB)
Youth Birding
The Stone Sanctuary
Conservation Fund
Donations can be made on-line or to the DVOC Treasurer, c/o 1314 Lenore Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046

We hope to see you all April 21st for our next meeting, where Lisa Kiziuk will present her talk “Conservation Gone Wild! Boost Biodiversity While Building Healthier Communities”.

Very best and good birding,

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