Minutes – Jan 11, 2018 Annual Members Meeting

7:30 PM Jenkins Arboretum

Meeting called by President Martin Dellwo. Minutes from last meeting approved by members.
Vice President: George Armistead
Secretary: Linda Widdop
Attendees: 28

Guests: Paul (Lillian’s husband) Mattie from Jenkins

Opening Remarks Martin Dellwo

Marty Dellwo calls the meeting to order and welcomes members and guests. Thanks Jenkins Arboretum for hosting the meeting again.
Minutes from last meeting approved by membership
Marty reports 32 new members this year and great field trips.

Elections: Art McMorris

Art announces the slate of nominees. One candidate for each position.
George Armistead – President
Linda Widdop – Vice President
Gregg Gorton – Secretary
Bert Filemyr – Treasurer
New Councilors – Lauren Diamond and Rob Bierregaard.
Members voted with verbal votes. All approved. Art thanks Patty Rehn and Ann Reeves for their service and also thanks Marty Dellwo for serving as President. Art also thanks Bert Filemyr for many years of service as Treasurer.
Council presents Fellows and Honorary members. Announce Jason Weckstein as Fellow. Voice vote approves the nomination. Matt Halley thanks for electing Jason as a fellow of the club on Jason’s behalf.

Membership: Bonnie Witmer

Richard new applicant, Lucille new member, Bo new member

Conservation: Holly Merker

Holly asks members to sign a stamped postcard in opposition to border wall erection through Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge. The committee feels strongly about this issue. Holly asks members to sign the postcards available at the table.

Cassinia: Matt Halley

Cassinia is now available. Matt brings copies to the meeting to hand out to members. Schedule is now a 2 year cycle. Katrina Rakowski artwork on the cover harkening back to the original cover in 1901 of a crow. Matt and Katrina chose Am. Robin since that species is most prolific in Phila. Issue is dedicated to Steve Kacir who we lost in 2017. Steve cared about our local birds. Other notable obituaries include long time members Alan Brady, etc, etc, Matt thanks Barb Grainger and the rest of the editorial board.

Matt and Katrina hold Cassinia publication

Katrina and Matt pose with Cassinia

Bob Billings Big Year: Art McMorris

Art announces a new year of Billings Big Year contest and reminds members that sign up deadline is March 1 and encourages members to sign up.

Field Trips: Linda Widdop

Winter Birds II
January 14, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am
300 W Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19118

Trip Leader: Martin Selzer
Free to all members and non-members

Meet Martin Selzer at 8:30 a.m. at the Wissahickon Environmental Center’s Tree House at 8:30am. The morning will begin by enjoying the activity at the Tree House’s feeders before exploring Andorra Meadow and Forbidden Drive as the conditions per permit.

Bird Philly 3 Year Celebration

Pennypack on the Delaware
Pennypack Path and State Road – Philadelphia

Map data ©2018 Google
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January 20, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Pennypack Path and State Road, Philadelphia, PA, 19136

Trip Leader: Tony Croasdale
Free to all members and non-members

This event marks BirdPhilly’s 3 year anniversary! We will start by birding Pennypack on the Delaware then head to Sweet Lucy’s Barbecue for lunch. We may bird Glenn Foerd and Pleasant Hill Park after.

Meeting schedule and details can be found at http://dvoc.org/wp/activities/meetings/

Treasurer’s Report: Bert Filemyr

Bert explains the member dues process and the Life Member benefits.
Treasurer’s report for 2017. A full report has been provided to Council for review. All members can request the full report from Bert directly. Bert provides a summary to the membership. Bert reports that finances are in good shape with a surplus of $4000+ . Surplus may go down due to Academy not sending bills for meeting room rental.


Art announces the Phila Mid-Winter Bird Census this Saturday Jan 20 near Southwest water treatment plant including the airport and Fort Mifflin.
Linda Widdop announces that she could use help at Pennypack Environmental Center.
Alan Crawford has 14 back issues of Cassinia for offer to club meetings.
Phil Witmer has a Northface down vest for offer to club members.

Local Notes

Marty went to POD last weekend with frozen river had close views of Goldeneyes and Tundra Swans.
Gregg Gorton led a trip to Heinz and found a Pheobe on New Years Eve gleaning insect parts from the old visitor’s center in the parking lot.
Alan Crawford announces Sand Hill Cranes and Summer Tanager in Cape May Point area.

Program: Bert Filemyr presents “DVOC, The Early Years”


Members enjoyed fabulous food and beverages coordinated by Bonnie and Phil Witmer as is customary at the first meeting of the year.