Minutes – March 2, 2017

7:40 PM Academy of Natural Sciences

Meeting called by President Martin Dellwo
Secretary: Navin Sasikumar filling in for Linda Widdop
Attendees: 21
Guests: 4 – Cliff Koos, William Ross, Vita Litvak, Jeff Carpineta


Opening Remarks Martin Dellwo

Marty Dellwo calls the meeting to order and welcomes members and guests.
Meeting minutes from the last meeting are approved by membership.

Committee Reports

Membership: Bonnie Witmer

Bonnie Witmer announced the new members since the last meeting:

Diane Flemming

New member applied: Rob Ferguson

Field Trips: Tony Croasdale

March 4, 2017 – Sod Farms for Short-eared Owls
Meeting Time: 5.30 PM. The Fairgrounds close at sundown so trip will end when gates close.
Meeting location:
1988 Jacksonville Jobstown Rd
Mount Holly, NJ 08022
Trip Leaders – Patty Rehn and Steve Mattan

March 10, 2017 – Houston Meadow
Meeting Time: 5.30 PM.
Meeting location:
Houston Playground, 900 Grakyn Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA
Trip Leaders – Martin Selzer

March 11, 2017 – Andorra Meadow Walk and Bluebird Box Workshop
Meeting Time: 11.00 AM.
Meeting location:
Wissahickon Environmental Center, 300 W Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118, USA
Trip Leaders – Tony Croasdale

March 11, 2017 – Woodcocking at White’s Bog
Meeting Time: 5.30 PM.
Meeting location:
120 W Whites Bogs Rd # 34, Browns Mills, NJ 08015
Trip Leaders – Patty Rehn and Steve Mattan

Tony announces that while they are still looking for field trips leaders to lead trips outside Philadelphia, this year has been good with members stepping up to lead trips outside the city. A couple of other events are also announced.

March 18, 2017 – East Park Reservoir
Meeting Time: 10.00 AM. Bird walks every hour starting at 10am (bins and guides provided), food, music, climbing wall, resources
Meeting location:
33rd St & Oxford St, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA
Trip Leaders – Tony Croasdale and Keith Russell

May 13, 2017 – Wissahickon Wood Duck and Warbler Fest
A full day of birding events in Wissahickon Valley Park
Meeting location:
Wissahickon Environmental Center, 300 W Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118, USA

Details can be found at http://dvoc.org/wp/activities/field-trips/

Cassinia– Matthew Halley

Matthew Halley announces that he has been working hard on Cassinia, as has Katrina Rakowski, the speaker for the night. They have the material ready and are getting ready for copy. Matt mentions that he has a week to get Cassinia finished before he heads out to Nicaragua for a month of research.


Bob Billings – Art McMorris

Art McMorris announces that the deadline to submit names for this year’s Bob Billings competition is March 31st.

Communications Committee – Navin Sasikumar

Navin mentions that the DVOC website would be down for a while on the weekend (March 5th) for some maintenance and technical tasks.

Upcoming Meetings: Martin Dellwo

March 16, 2017 7:30 PM at the Academy of Natural Sciences– Bert Filemyr

Meeting schedule and details can be found at http://dvoc.org/wp/activities/meetings/


Marty Dellwo announces the annual summer picnic is scheduled for the 27th of July at the Guris residence. The flyer will be coming out soon.
Bert Filemyr announces that the DVOC still has one t-shirt remaining from Hawk Mountain and that anybody who wants it can make a donation to the Conservation fund.
Phil Witmer inquires if we can get an Apple adapter for the projector.
Barbara Granger announces that Lauren Diamond is the new Banquet Committee chairperson.

Local Notes/Sightings

Bonnie Witmer mentions that the goldfinches are turning gold again.
Barb Bassett announces that Eastern phoebes are coming through in another sign of spring.
Martin Dellwo had bluebirds outside his office
Tony Croasdale reports that Pileated woodpeckers are easy to see and hear in the Wissahickon. Marty asks if they are heard to see after spring since he struggled to find one after May 31st when he was trying to get 200 species in Philadelphia a few years ago. Tony also mentions that he got all expected woodpecker species by ear from his office in the Wissahickon.
Matt Halley found a first-for-him Black Vulture nest site on a Woodland Beach stop. He had 2 of them flush from a barn window. He also mentioned that he is trying to find the nests of a hundred different species in Philadelphia. He also saw 3 Long-tailed ducks at Tinicum pointed out to him by Frank Windfelder.
Marty mentions that George had a Common loon at Bartram’s Garden, a Red-throated loon and Iceland gull at Glen Foerd.
Barb Bassett had an Iceland gull at Tullytown and reports on a Little gull and Black-headed gulls in Cape May.
Lauren Diamond announces she had a lifer woodcock.

Presentation – Katrina Rakowski

Katrina introduces herself and gives a short description of her speech since it was not previously announced.


Martin Dellwo Adjourns the meeting at 9:10 PM. About a dozen members gathered at Cherry Street Tavern to continue the discussion.