Results of the Members’ Photography Contest

Birds Category
1st Place – Marty Dellwo – “Got any worms?” – Chestnut-crowned Antpitta
2nd Place – Bradford Whitman – “Irresistible” – Lilac-breasted Roller
Honorable Mention – Debbie Waxler – “Check this out ladies” – Victoria’s Riflebird
Fauna Category
1st Place – Barb Bassett – “I’ll scratch your back, if he scratches mine” – Galapagos Marine Iguana
2nd Place – Andy Smith – “On the rocks” – Starfish
Flora Category
1st Place – Anne Bekker – “Witch-hazel 
2nd Place – Andy Smith – “Joshua Tree at sunrise” 
Scenery Category
1st Place – Marty Dellwo – “Moon, eclipsed” 
2nd Place – Anne Bekker – “Kolob Canyon” 
Birders Category
1st Place – Barb Bassett 
2nd Place – George Armistead 
DVOC Area Category
1st Place – Andy Smith – Carolina Wren
2nd Place – Debbie Waxler – “Flyby” – Barn Swallows
Steve Kacir Award (Best In Show)
Rob Hynson  – White-breasted Waterhen