A Message From Tony Croasdale – BirdPhilly Chairperson

Hello, DVOC members, as chair of the BirdPhilly Committee, I am looking for leaders to guide field trips in Philadelphia. I am looking to put together a calendar of events for 2020. Anywhere you want to lead a walk within the city limits of these cities is great, however I am providing a list a places that I think could use more attention. If you want to lead a walk please email me with the location and your preferred date. I will work to connect you with recreation centers, park friend’s groups, libraries, and other local groups to publicize the programs. Thank you!

Tony Croasdale

Fernhill Park
McMichael Park
Washington Ave Green
Fisher Park
Wister Woods
Schuylkill River Trail
Manyunk Toe Path
Wissinoming Park
Pleasant Hill Park
Hunting Park
Lardners Point
Fluehr Park
Burlhome Park
West Fairmount Park
Gorgas Park