An Almost Complete Set of Cassinias Are Available

Club Member Hart Rufe writes….
“Jewel and I are in the process of cleaning out items we no longer need or use. The jewelry donated by Jewel at the DVOC party was one set of such stuff. We have an almost complete set of Cassinias going back to the very beginning for which we are looking for a good home. If DVOC can make any money from the sale of the set, so much the better. If you would like to know just which issues may be missing we would be glad to check this out for you. We would hate to just throw them out.”

A collection of an almost complete set of Cassinias (The Journal of the DVOC) is a valuable historical resource. If you have an interest in the DVOC and the history of birding in the Delaware Valley this would make a wonderful addition to your bookshelf.
Please contact Hart Rufe directly if you are interested. As Hart has mentioned above any payment will go to the club for any one of the current initiatives that you and Hart might choose.
Contact Hart at
An opportunity like this rarely comes along. Do not hesitate if you are interested.