Banquet 2019 Recap

Congratulations to the Lauren Diamond and the 2019 Banquet Committee for putting together such a memorable event.

The major DVOC awards presented were:

Witmer Stone Award: Matt Halley for this paper

Julian Potter Award: Samuel Orr (posthumously) for a lifetime of field work. Sam was a renowned raptor bander. He started banding 45 years ago under Johnny Miller, his best friend. He spent 40 seasons at Cape May, where he served as the head of the banding project for ten years. He banded raptors in Oklahoma at Ft Sill where he worked as a photographer for the Army. There he co-authored  papers on screw worm in nesting red-tail hawks and on the worlds largest harrier roost (of any species) which he found. While serving as an observer on patrol bombers in the Navy he assisted with banding albatross on Midway Island. He also banded songbirds periodically throughout his career.

Rosalie Edge Conservation Award: Mindy Maslin, Project Manager, Tree Tenders. Mindy created The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders Program in 1993, which offers on-going, hands-on instruction covering tree stewardship, planting, biology, identification, as well as community outreach. Since its inception, more than 5,000 volunteers in the greater Philadelphia area have become certified Tree Tenders, and seen to the planting of around 2,000 new trees annually. Applications for street trees go through Philadelphia Parks and Recreation’s TreePhilly, which selects appropriate species – natives, where viable – which are likely to survive whatever challenging urban conditions each site may present. The social benefits of greening urban areas and caring for them, as well as the obvious ecological benefits, have been well-documented. Tree Tenders offers training to at-risk young adults through PowerCorps PHL and to returning citizens through the Roots 2 Re-entry program. Training sessions have been offered in Spanish since 2018. Ms. Maslin has been instrumental in broadening engagement in local conservation efforts.