Barb Bassett – Billings 2016 Award Winner

DVOC congratulates Barb Bassett, the winner of the 2016 Bob Billings Big Year Award. Barb saw 317 species of birds in the DVOC program area in 2016 – quite an accomplishment! Included in her total were 6 species not seen previously in this event: White-faced Storm-Petrel, Great Skua, Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Rock Wren, Mountain Bluebird and Varied Thrush.

Barb was presented with the $200 award on Thursday, April 6th, 2017.

Billings2016                      Billings2016_2

For a list of Barb’s 317 species and a cumulative checklist of all years of the competition, go here. The Bob Billings Big Year contest was the brain child of former club member Bob Billings and is supported by a generous bequest from his estate and additional donations by club members.