Lights Out Art Installation By Victoria Sindlinger

DVOC member, Victoria Sindlinger has an art installation at Three Logan Square Plaza commemorating the anniversary of the mass bird collision event that happened in Center City last year. The installation runs from September 30th through October 3rd.

Victoria says, “The installment is to commemorate the anniversary of the mass bird collision and to highlight the positive change that it inspired. My hope is that my installment encourages the public to participate in Lights out and make their windows more visible to birds.”

The installation features 150 origami birds hanging from the trees that represent one-tenth of the bird lives lost in the mass collision. Victoria had help from:
Jaimee Buehl; Eric Carlson; Anne Esbenshade; Elyse and Melanie Etemad; Jason Fly; Abuelish Garcia; Hannah, Rachel, and Rebekah James; Lorraine, Mira, and Zahra Rice; Heather and Mary Rinehart; Emily Ritter; and Maribel and Randall Sindlinger.

And thanks to Brandywine Realty Trust for the location and DVOC Youth Committee for sponsorship.