Minutes – June 1, 2017

7:30 PM Academy of Natural Sciences

Meeting called by President Martin Dellwo

Secretary: Linda Widdop

Attendees: 28

Guests: Sarah Yost, Zoe Yost, Mike Hartshorne, Maribel and Randall Sindlinger

Opening Remarks Martin Dellwo

Marty Dellwo calls the meeting to order and welcomes members and guests.

Minutes from last meeting approved by membership

Marty announces that the annual picnic is being planned. Tentative date is Aug 5th at Guris house. Reminds members that this is the last meeting until September.

Committee Reports

Membership: Bonnie Witmer

Bonnie welcomes new member Joe Bernstein.

Banquet Committee: Lauren Diamond

The 2017 banquet will be held at Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall again this year. Lauren is asking for members for food preferences. A new chef and menu are in place at the hall.

Conservation Committee: Anne Reeves

Anne Reeves announces a Conservation Committee meeting to be held in June. Asking members for any ideas for projects to be funded.
Some discussion of the Paris Accord among members.

Field Trips: Tony Croasdale

Phil Witmer reports on the White Clay Creek Thrush trip lead by Matt Halley last weekend.

Anne Reeves reports on Glassboro trip with Prothonotary and Hooded warblers.

June 2, 2017 – Manyunk Falcons
Meet at Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center, 7 Lock St, Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA

This is a trip to watch the peregrine falcon nest on St John the Baptist in Manyunk. We will watch from the patio of Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center. The young should be recently fledged and very active around the church steeple and nearby power cable towers.
Trip Leader – Tony Croasdale

June 3, 2017 @ 8:30 AM – Birding by Bike along upper Pennypack

Meet at Lorimer Park parking lot on Moredon Rd – https://goo.gl/maps/ZzCGrPRkHER2
Let’s explore the newly developed trail along Pennypack creek in Montgomery County. The trail starts in Rockledge and goes upstream to Byberry Rd. The trail is basically flat made of finely crushed gravel. We will meet at 8:30 AM in the parking lot at Lorimer park on Moredon Rd and take a slow ride out to Byberry Rd and back stopping for birds along the way. Acadian Flycatchers, warblers, Tanagers and other birds should be easy to hear as we cruise along. We will finish up back at the Lorimer parking lot before noon.

Bring your own bike and helmet, bottled water and binoculars.

Trip Leader – Linda Widdop

June 6th – Lakehurst Naval Base(closed)

June 17, 2017 @ 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Steve Kacir Memorial Nighthawk Trip to Wharton State Forest Vincentown, NJ 08088, USA

This annual trip will be to memorialize the life of beloved former DVOC President Steve Kacir. Steve ran a trip to this spot in the NJ Pine Barrens to see the flight displays of common nighthawks for many years. We will meet at the Carranza Memorial parking lot for a picnic dinner. We will bird the nearby bog and forest before heading to the field at sunset to see the nighthawks perform their booming overhead flights. We should also hear whip-poor-wills, Pine Barrens tree frogs, carpenter frogs, and see many Eastern towhees and pine warblers.

Trip Leader – Tony Croasdale

Details can be found at http://dvoc.org/activities/field-trips/

Upcoming Meetings:

Summer break

Meeting schedule and details can be found at http://dvoc.org/wp/activities/meetings/


Linda Widdop announces that Peter Kurtz of Pennypack Environmental Center is looking for volunteers to help with a Wood Thrush count. This effort is designed to help elevate the Fairmount Park Urban Greenway Important Bird Area (IBA) to continental significance status. The study runs through the month of June. Volunteers will use a protocol to listen for and/or view Wood Thrushes in designated areas of the park. Contact Peter Kurtz at Peter.Kurtz@phila.gov or contact the Pennypack Environmental Center for more details.

Linda Widdop announces that George Armistead has arranged for an exclusive Rock Jumper Tour to Cuba for DVOC members. George works for Rock Jumper Tours as their Chief Network Operator and has arranged to take 10 DVOC participants to Cuba for 10 days Feb 15 – 24, 2019. Contact George directly for more information and pricing.

Phil Witmer announces that Bob Wallace has donated books for sale. Proceeds to be donated to DVOC for Conservation committee. Some books in Spanish language.

Local Notes

Bonnie and Phil Witmer saw Bobolinks at Green Lane
Hart and Jewel Rufe had 2 Glossy Ibis in the yard in upper Bucks County
Linda Widdop heard a Hooded Warbler
Bert Filemyr tells the group about Dicksissel at Dixon Meadows in Montgomery County in breeding plumage. Ask Bert Filemyr for details on location.
Marty Dellwo went to Lord Sterling Park in NJ to see the Lesser Nighthawk that has been there for the week. Bert Filemyr tells the group that is was discovered near the park emaciated. It was taken to a rehab center and released into the park. The bird remains at the park on a main path.
Marty Dellwo had a Prothonotary warbler at Heinz 2 weeks ago.

Program: Zoe Yost – Owling at the Moon: Explorations on Silent Wings

Zoe Yost is a fourteen-year-old naturalist, writer, artist, musician, and yogini. Owls, the silent wings of the night, have fascinated humankind for centuries, both in positive and negative ways. But, what becomes visible to the mind’s eye when this cloak of myth and speculation is thrown off? Chronicling both fact and fiction, enthusiastic owlaholic Zoe Yost takes her audience on a rollicking expedition through original photographs, artwork, and writing to shed light on these elusive owls, one of the dark’s most iconic inhabitants.

Zoe Yost presentation


Marty Dellwo Adjourns the meeting at 8:50 PM. About a dozen members gathered at Cherry Street Tavern to continue the discussion.