Nominating Committee Report

The DVOC Nominating Committee has developed its slate of nominees for Officers and Councilors-at-Large, for the election to be held at the January 7 2021 Members’ Meeting. The nominees are:

Officers, each for a second 1-year term:
President: Linda Widdop
Vice President: Gregg Gorton
Secretary: Barbara Bassett
Treasurer: Martin Dellwo

Councilors-at Large (two positions), for 3-year terms:
Linda Timlin
Mike Walter

Per the By-Laws, the slate was announced at the first December DVOC meeting on Dec. 3 and will be announced again at the second December meeting on Dec. 17. Additional nominations for any of the positions can be made from the floor at either December meeting, after which nominations are closed.

Art McMorris
for the DVOC Nominations Committee