Results of the Photo Contest

Thanks to Steve Mattan who hosted and to the judges – Linda Timlin, Judy Stepenaskie, and Patrick McGill.

See all the winning photos here

1st Place: Barb Basset – “Grassling” Wattlebird
2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Red-billed Tropicbird
3rd Place: Sue Sherman – Backwards Glance
Honorable Mention: Paul Guris – Unwelcome Visitor
1st Place: Kevin Berkoff – Chimpanzee
2nd Place: Anne Bekker – Anax longipes
3rd Place: Paul Guris – River Jewlwing Riding the Reeds
Honorable Mention: Frank Windfelder – Giant Swallowtail
1st Place: Barb Basset – Fall Ferns
1st Place: Paul Guris – Surveying My Domain
2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Lunar Eclipse
3rd Place: Paul Guris – Anacapa Island
1st Place: Paul Guris – in the Glow of the Sunset
2nd Place: Sue Sherman – Sunrise on the Dike
3rd Place: John Lemonick – Old Friends
1st Place: Patty Rehn – Little Devils
2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Cape May Warbler
3rd Place: Paul Guris – Matching Bookends
Honorable Mention: Scott Burnet – Lawrence’s Warbler
Honorable Mention: Barb Basset – “My Domain” Bald Eagle
Avocet Award
Kevin Berkoff – Chimpanzee
Kacir Award
Kevin Berkoff – Blue-breasted Bee-eaters