North Shore – February 25th 2017 – Field Trip Report

By Sandra Keller

Well, I had checked the forecast, and the rain wasn’t supposed to hit until 5:00PM or so. I thought great! Razorbill can be seen through mid March in NJ. I knew it would be challenging today with the waves – the SE winds had the ocean kicked up. What I didn’t realize – and probably not the forecasters – was the fog. We couldn’t see much beyond the jetties most of the day on the ocean. 1/4 mile inland – no problem! I couldn’t believe the difference inland. Anyway, still lots of highlights – the Loon show continues, Long-tailed Ducks around, Boat-tailed Grackles were studied – both voice and structure. Purple Sandpipers were still at the Wreck Pond Ocean Overlook area. This species can be difficult to track down up along the North Shore. Today the birds were on a jetty. 2 weeks ago, they were on the outflow pipe. Of course, we couldn’t see much of the outflow pipe – so who knows what was on it this foggy day! I hit the same spots as 2 weeks ago. For more detailed info on the birds at each location, please see the trip report for Feb. 11, 2017. Thanks to the participants for helping to scan in that fog! It was difficult!