Palmyra Cove – May 22nd 2016 – Field Trip Report

Well, one of the best migrant spots in SW Jersey didn’t have a chance to show its stuff! The weather the past few days had been anti-migratory with the winds. But we actually did have some warblers – Blackpolls, Parula, Black and White, Yellow, Common Yellowthroat, and Redstarts. Most in small numbers. A Veery and Rose-breasted Grosbeak were had. The real show today was excellent looks and listens to both YB and BB Cuckoos. BB especially is not an easy bird to hear, let alone see anymore as their numbers are down tremendously.

We also had a great time enjoying the breeders which were very active. Most activity for the warblers was actually along the river trail – road. While the Cuckoos and the swallow show were back in the open Willow Woods east of the Beaver Pond.

Thanks to all the participants who helped each other get on 95% of the birds we had today. So it wasn’t a birding by ear trek! Any questions, please contact me at

Ebird Report