Request help for seasonal Philly Compiler for PSO

Message from Doris McGovern

Philly birders are the Commonwealth’s most enthusiastic in the second smallest of the 67 counties, but with the second highest eBird species total! And, Philly is the most eBirded county in PA. The seasonal journal of the PSO, Pennsylvania Birds started by DVOC members Frank and Barb Haas, publishes a seasonal county narrative to highlight rare occurrences, abundance, trends, migration, and/or breeding for each of the four seasons. It is not a blog, but more like a spotlight on, a snapshot of the state of avifauna for each of the four seasons.

Club members Ed Fingerhood, Ted Floyd and I are the only Philly compilers since the journal began in the 80’s so DVOC is the logical place to look for a replacement as I retire after 17 years. Having a new perspective, a fresh take will be a welcome change. Also, the writer learns a lot, at least I did, by reviewing the season, looking at changes and letting readers know all the great birds in our fair city.

In discussions with PA Birds editor Greg Grove about the void that would exist if Philly’s incredible bird records weren’t represented, I suggested that one or more Compilers could serve and Greg quickly agreed. That makes it possible for two or even four birders who are familiar with the simple editorial guidelines to share the responsibility depending on their schedules.

The next seasonal summary for Fall which is the longest season (Aug.-Nov.) is due Dec.1. I will provide any and all help that might be needed.

Thanks for considering this.  PSO really needs Philly’s birds so I appreciate your help or any suggestions.