Save the Date – November 17, 2016 – Annual Banquet

Speaker: Katie Fallon
“Coffee, Coal, and Cooperation: Saving the Cerulean Warbler”
The cerulean warbler is one of the fastest-declining Neotropical migratory songbirds; since 1966 its population has declined by approximately 3% per year. In addition to discussing the challenges ceruleans face during the breeding and non-breeding seasons, this presentation will discuss some of the biology and natural history of cerulean warblers. How does the male cerulean woo the female? Who builds the nest, and how do they choose a nest location? How many young do they have, and how do they raise them? Once young cerulean warblers leave their nests and begin finding food on their own, where do they go? And what might they encounter on the way? We will also discuss tips for finding and identifying cerulean warblers while birding, as well as the ways that we can help conserve cerulean warblers.
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