Team Ridin’ Birdy to Participate in the World Series of Birding and Burlington County Bird Quest Simultaneously!

From Tony Croasdale, Matt Halley, Robin Irizarry:

Ridin’ Birdy will be participating in New Jersey Audubon’s World Series of Birding and Burlington County Bird Quest simultaneously on May 6th. We will be raising funding for DVOC’s BirdPhilly program and conservation committee.
Unlike every other year we will not be using bicycles. This year proved very busy for our team so we had no time to prepare. Indeed, Matt Halley has just returned from a research expedition in Nicaragua. Other team members had other commitments. This year we are proud to welcome Robin Irizarry to our team!
Our plan is to start at Amico Island before dawn, then get to Palmyra at 7 for the Burlington County Bird Quest; we will bird there until noon when the Bird Quest ends. After that we will head to the Pine Barrens and hit some of Burlington County’s only salt marsh to end the day. For the World Series of Birding we will be participating in the Limited Geographical Area category in Burlington County.
Thank you for supporting us, as well as the DVOC’s outreach and conservation efforts!

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