2016 Members’ Photo Night and Contest – Thursday December 15

What could be better than getting outdoors in the crisp fall air, and watching and photographing fall migrants? Why, going through our digital stack of photos and choosing the best images in preparation for the annual DVOC Members’ Photo Night and Contest, of course! It’s getting too dark to bird late in the evening, so the time is right. This year the Photo Night will be held on Thursday, December 15, at the Academy of Natural Sciences. So whether you consider yourself a great photographer or not, please mark your calendars, plan on submitting your best photos, and join us for a fun evening.

For those submitting photos, find the rules on the photo contest page. NOTE: the deadline for submission has been extended to Monday, December 5. We will be awarding prizes in various categories. This has traditionally been one of the club’s most enjoyable events, and we think that great prizes add to the fun. Please consider a small donation to keep the tradition alive — even small donations can have a cumulative effect in helping to make the Photo Night an exciting social event for the club.

You can donate in support of the photo contest by sending a check payable to DVOC and mailing it to Bert Filemyr at
DVOC Treasurer
c/o 1314 Lenore Road
Meadowbrook, PA 19046

Or you can donate here on the website