Minutes – December 17, 2020 Delaware Valley Ornithological Club

Academy of Natural Sciences is closed due to COVID-19. Zoom Meeting

7:00 PM Pre-Meeting to assist with any technical issues and have attendees ready for official meeting at 7:30 PM. Instructions for meeting registration and how to use Zoom were announced on website and weekly digest.

Call to Order: President: Linda Widdop

Call to Order: 7:30pm
Linda welcomed all to the meeting. She reviewed the meeting timing is 7:30 – 8pm club business, 8-9pm program and questions, followed by a virtual “Cherry Street” at 9pm.

Registrants: 50, including 5 non-members (some had more than one person per device)

Linda introduced officers: Vice President: Gregg Gorton; Secretary: Barb Bassett; Treasurer: Marty Dellwo.

Minutes from last regular meeting were not ready. They will be presented at the next meeting.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Bonnie Witmer

Bonnie was not present. No report.

Conservation: Anne Bekker

The Bird Safe Coalition is planning on having a plan in January.

Billings: Art McMorris

Art reminded everyone that the end of the year is quickly approaching. Email him the number of species you have seen in the DVOC area. If a leader, Art will ask for your full list. The rules of the Billings Contest can be found here: https://dvoc.org/about/committees/billings/

Nominating Committee: Art McMorris

This is the time of year when the Nominations Committee announces the slate of officers and council members. The election will be held at the Members meeting on January 7, 2021. The slate can be found here: https://dvoc.org/blog/nominating-committee-report/

Officers: Linda Widdop: President; Vice President: Gregg Gorton; Secretary: Barb Bassett; Treasurer: Marty Dellwo. All are serving their second term.

There are 6 Councilors-at Large. Two are being elected to a three-year term. Lauren Diamond and Rob Bierregaard are retiring. Linda Timlin and Michael Walter are nominated to take their places.

There were no nominations from the floor.

Field Trips: Linda Widdop

The DVOC is holding off any further field trips due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Programs: Gregg Gorton

The next meeting will be the Annual Members Meeting on January 7th. This is always the first meeting of the new year where the officers are elected. The Treasurer’s report will be presented by Marty Dellwo and Bert Filemyr, the club’s de facto Historian, will give a brief presentation about our history.

More information at https://dvoc.org/wp/activities/meetings/


Recently, an LNG project on the Delaware River in Gibbstown, NJ was brought to our attention. It is across from Heinz. It is being challenged from both an environmental and safety perspective. More information can be found here: https://stateimpact.npr.org/pennsylvania/2020/12/09/fears-for-safety-and-climate-surround-lng-export-terminal-planned-on-the-delaware/

Please let us know of any environmental issues in the Delaware Valley area.

John Harding, member and Fellow of the DVOC, just recorded his 800th ABA Bird.

Local Notes

Tundra Bean-goose was found in PA.

Debbie Beer: Has a long-staying Allen’s Hummingbird. The bird has been banded. Visitors are welcome but stay in the driveway and must observe social distancing and wear masks.

Evening Program:

Member’s Photography Contest

The photo contest was hosted by Steve Mattan. The judges were Linda Timlin, Judy Stepenaskie, and Patrick McGill.

Winning photos can be found here: https://dvoc.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/DVOC-Photo-Contest-2020-Winners.pdf

Here are the winners:

  • Birds
    1st Place: Barb Basset – “Grassling” Wattlebird
    2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Red-billed Tropicbird
    3rd Place: Sue Sherman – Backwards Glance
    Honorable Mention: Paul Guris – Unwelcome Visitor
    1st Place: Kevin Berkoff – Chimpanzee
    2nd Place: Anne Bekker – Anax longipes
    3rd Place: Paul Guris – River Jewlwing Riding the Reeds
    Honorable Mention: Frank Windfelder – Giant Swallowtail
    1st Place: Barb Basset – Fall Ferns
    1st Place: Paul Guris – Surveying My Domain
    2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Lunar Eclipse
    3rd Place: Paul Guris – Anacapa Island
    1st Place: Paul Guris – in the Glow of the Sunset
    2nd Place: Sue Sherman – Sunrise on the Dike
    3rd Place: John Lemonick – Old Friends
    DVOC Area
    1st Place: Patty Rehn – Little Devils
    2nd Place: Kevin Berkoff – Cape May Warbler
    3rd Place: Paul Guris – Matching Bookends
    Honorable Mention: Scott Burnet – Lawrence’s Warbler
    Honorable Mention: Barb Basset – “My Domain” Bald Eagle
    Avocet Award
    Kevin Berkoff – Chimpanzee
    Kacir Award
    Kevin Berkoff – Blue-breasted Bee-eaters


Linda Widdop adjourned the meeting.
All were invited to continue the conversation at a virtual Cherry Street Tavern.