Minutes – January 21, 2016

Meeting called by President Steve Kacir

Attendees 21
Guests Barbara Smith

Opening Remarks Steve Kacir
Minutes from last meeting approved by members in attendance.

Committee Reports

Banquet Steve Kacir
Steve Kacir announces that the committee chair is still vacant and asks attendees to contact him if they are interested. Barbara Granger will provide assistance to new chair when selected.

Membership Bonnie Witmer
Bonnie Witmer announced 2 new members – welcome Manyann O’Leary and David Wilbur. Application submitted by Margaret Hohde will be reviewed and sent to council for approval.

No report

Cassinia Linda Widdop
Linda Widdop gave update on first Cassinia editorial board meeting. Appealed for members to write obituaries for members who have passed in 2014/2015. Art McMorris will research.

Billings Big Year Art McMorris
Art McMorris asked all participants from 2015 contest to submit checklists. Appeal to members to join the contest in 2016 to have fun.

Field Trips Tony Croasdale
Tony Croasdale reported that the owl walk at Andorra Meadow had 30 participants. One Screech Owl was heard during the outing. Next trip Feb 6 at Andorra Meadow is “Seeds and Sparrows” mixing botany with birds led by Tony Croasdale
New trip announced for Jan 30 to Tullytown in search of gulls led by Steve Kacir. Details will be posted on web shortly
Feb 21 Palmyra Cove trip will be led by Sandra Keller –
All members are invited to suggest and lead field trips to their favorite birding locations. Contact Tony if interested

Communications Linda Widdop
Linda Widdop announces that a new website will be developed when Navin Sasikumar returns from vacation.

Interns Fund Chris Walters
Chris Walters reports that the income on principal of the fund cannot support the intern scholarship

Trustees Report Chris Walters
Chris Walters reports that the Trustees Report will be delivered at the Feb 4th meeting. Highlights that income from investments generated $6101 which will be sent to Treasurer.

Programs Steve Kacir
Steve Kacir announces the next program will be Bruce Beehler – “Exploring New Guinea’s Lost Worlds and Elusive Birds of Paradise” held at the Academy of Natural Sciences on Feb 4th.

Steve Kacir announces that the Checklist and Book Auction committees have been disbanded. Added Navin Sasikumar to the Website Committee.
Steve Kacir solicited members to assist with FaceBook posting as editor and/or administrators.
Membership dues are due. Bert Filemyr reports that checks are rolling in. Art McMorris suggests reaching out to members who are in arrears personally to remind them. A list of members in arrears may be sent to council for discussion.
Steve Kacir announces that Palmyra Nature Center will host a “Frost and Feathers Ball” on Feb 6th. Also received brochure from Taipei Hotel in the general club mail.

Local Notes/Sightings
Marty Dellwo joined other club members for a trip to Falls Township/Tullytown to search for winter gulls. 3 gulls were found with bands which were reported to banding websites. Information was returned about age and location of banding. See Holly Merker for more details.
Tony Croasdale found an Ash-throated Flycatcher during the Mid-winter bird census. The bird was re-found the next day but has not been seen since.
Barbara Bassett made a trip to Bucks County to see the continuing Mountain Bluebird.
Steve Kacir and Brian Henderson saw the Mountain Bluebird on a separate trip. Also found 114 Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Chruch Rd which is a Montgomery county, PA high count.
Holly Merker’s young birders group found a Wilson’s Warbler at Tinicum. Anne Reeves also saw the bird. No photos

Main Program
Lisa Smith Inpatient Care at Tri-State Bird Rescue

Steve Kacir Adjourns the meeting at 9:00 PM