Minutes – January 7, 2016 Delaware Valley Ornithological Club

Meeting called by President Phil Witmer

Attendees 33
Guests Brittany Stewart, Bob Sharp

Opening Remarks Phil Witmer
Outgoing President Phil Witmer thanked the club for supporting him as president. Told the members in attendance that the club is in a strong position. Thanked Bert Filemyr for his continued dedication to the club serving as Treasurer and historian.

Committee Reports

Nominations Art McMorris
Officers Transition – new officers accepted by membership vote:
Steve Kacir – President
George Armistead – Vice President
Linda Widdop – Secretary
Bert Filemyr – Treasurer
Councilor Transition announced:
Barbara Granger and Tony Croasdale completed their terms replaced by Holly Merker and Jason Weckstein. Linda Widdop elected to Secretary cannot remain on Council. Steve Kacir selects Tony Croasdale to continue on Council.

New Fellows announced:
Rob Bierregaard, Gregg Gorton, Matt Halley, Scott McConnell, Linda Widdop

New Honorary Members announced:
Art McMorris, Christopher Walters, Hart Rufe – Congratulations

Membership Bonnie Witmer
New member applications
No announcement

Conservation George Armistead
No announcement

Cassinia Matt Halley
Discussion Cassinia editor transition
Matt announces that he has received all material from Dave Long and thanks Dave for his long service as editor. Matt also announces a new oversight editorial board for Cassinia consisting of Rob Bierregaard, Barbara Granger, Art McMorris, Linda Widdop and Matt Halley. Purpose of the board is to oversee timeline, budget and content of the publication. Matt will schedule first meeting shortly.

Billings Big Year Art McMorris
Discussion Upcoming contest year
Art announces expanded geographic area for the contest starting in 2016. 2 additional NJ counties are now included – Sussex and Morris. Explanation of area ensues- why not all of NJ. Making the contest local to Delaware Valley.

Programs George Armistead
Upcoming programs
George announces next program by Lisa Smith – ED of Tri-state Bird Rescue will provide insight into rehabilitation. Details available on the dvoc.org website.

Annual Treasurer’s Report Bert Filemyr
Discussion Financial update on the club
Bert provides a PowerPoint presentation of financials highlighting an unusual year for the club’s finances due to:
• 125th Gala – tickets, donations and expenses. Made profit on sales/donations
• BirdPhilly and Philly Bird Race put a lot of money through the treasury
• Cassinia – over ran budget at $7500
Explanation of annual vs life member dues
General funds summary – Income $20,332 Expenses $22,456 Net ($2123)
Balance Sheet shows $5500 in operating funds. Good financial shape going forward.
Full financial statements have been submitted to Officers and Council for review.

Trustees Report
Annual Trustees report
No announcement – Chris was unable to attend the meeting

Announcements by membership
Bob Horton has a donation of artwork of owls for the club to auction
Steve announces that Tony will finish Linda’s term on council since one person cannot be on council and officer at the same time
Pelagic announcements by Paul Guris – Cape May, Belmar, NY, NC Memorial Day Weekend. See www.paulagics.com for info
George proposes a field trip to Oregon to visit the people who took over the Myer NWR. (humor)
Steve proposes donations or membership to Friends of Myers NWR to support the refuge.

Local Notes/Sightings
Announcements of bird sightings
Pine Warbler at Fairmount Park, Baltimore Oriole at Navin’s feeder, Mountain Bluebird in Bucks Co, new trail over Schuylkill yields mature Bald Eagle by Gregg Gorton, steeple repair in Manyunk should be complete before Peregrine nesting season, winter wren reported by George Armistead at 17th and Bainbridge, Peregrine at 2nd and Washington with pigeon in talons, Holly Merker reports that a female Western Tanager was photographed at Valley Forge park in Montgomery county last week but not relocated, male Wilson’s warbler in Carpenter’s Woods on CBC

Main Program Bert Filemyr
History of DVOC Founder Samuel Nicholson Rhoads (SNR)
Bert provides another fantastic historical perspective on the club. From the archives – Samuel Nicholson Rhoads (SNR) – one of the 7 founders of DVOC. Presentation will be posted at dvoc.org. Worth it just to see SNR’s “field costume”.

Bert Filemyr Adjourns the meeting
Bert invites everyone in attendance to join the annual refreshments in the Jenkins Arboretum visitor center. Potluck food and drinks are enjoyed by all attendees.

Thank you to host Harold Sweetman.

Submitted by Linda Widdop