125th Anniversary Gala

Saturday October 10, 2015

Held at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

Gala Committee
Anita Guris (Chairperson), Bonnie Witmer, Barbara Granger, Mary Bowler, Matt Halley, Linda Widdop, Barbara Bassett, Patty Rehn, Steve Mattan, Paul Guris



2015 Witmer Stone Award – Scott McConnell
2015 Julian Potter Award – Art McMorris
2015 Rosalie Edge Conservation Award – Dr. Joanna Burger

Commemorative Booklet – Edited by Anita Guris

(Note: This web version contains information not in the distributed version)

Pages 1-10
Pages 11-18
Pages 19-26
Pages 27-34
Pages 35-42
Pages 43-51


Pictures by Paul Guris and others – Click Here