North Shore – February 11th 2017 – Field Trip Report

Our trip to the North Shore region enjoyed excellent weather! Usually this area is cold and blustery. With bodies of water mainly frozen. We had 45 to 50 degrees and light SW winds for most of the day. Wow! Diversity of waterfowl has been low this year. With the warm winter, a lot of species did not come south as usual. We had no grebes. No Scoters. Etc. We did have one flyby Black Scoter. We had a Loon show though. Mainly Common Loons with some RT Loons around. They are finding food in the area! But the highlight was the Razorbills – excellent looks at them, close into shore and jetties. There’s where the weather helped – hardly any wave action. We did end up heading to Manasquan after Shark River as a Razorbill was reported on ebird that morning. It was still iffy as tide can play a major role in where the alcids are – in the inlet, outside it, etc. We had 2 at Manasquan and 1 later at an outflow pipe at the ocean at Wreck Pond.

Here a few ebird report links – I will mention a little about each report. As always, any questions about the birds or area, please email me.
Sandra Keller –

The Shark River area –
We scanned from the main marina parking area. And then a mud flat area along 16th Ave. This area is not known well. It gets different species because of the mud. It can be a problem finding parking though. We didn’t see the Eurasian Wigeon. This bird has been seen on the western part of Shark River also. We didn’t have time to hit that. Razorbills beckoned!

This is the list for Manasquan Inlet –
If I had only had my regular camera…..! One Razorbill was so close! It is always good to scan from the jetty. I just have never walked all the way out to those funky shaped rocks. A couple other birders did – and found the Razorbill up close and personal! Thankfully it did drift to the jetty side. And started feeding in the ocean waves. Close to shore.

Here is the list for the Wreck Pond Ocean Overlook –
That pipe was attracting birds! That was different.