Passing of a Member – Sheila Bowes

It is with sadness we report the passing of member Sheila Bowes. Sheila joined the DVOC in 1994 and was married to current member Emmerson Bowes.

Emmerson wrote
“I am shattered to tell you that Sheila had a sudden deterioration of an apparently near benign heart murmur into a rapidly developed congestive heart failure and died on Dec 23rd. She was 92 years old and left 3 sons, three grand children and one great grand daughter; all of whom with their spouses spent three good days with her leading up to two days before she died. They had come, from IA, IL, Co, TX and NC, as soon as the news reached them.

As the last departed, family organizer to the last, Sheila called out…….”I will let you know when the memorial service will be!” Sheila donated her body for research and teaching.

There has been such an outpouring of love from her Hopewell Presbyterian Church that I could never have imagined and I am certainly unworthy of the spillover to me.

We were married for 71 years and our lives intertwined in love for 74. I could not have loved her more although I am sure I could have done it better.

We shared almost every interest from the time we met and our lives were filled with the love and pursuit of nature with birds our primary love. Longevity and good health allowed us to travel late in life when we otherwise would have missed it because the two of us spent 10 years on local interests, township boards, church and education.

Our last foreign birding trip was our fifth time to Ecuador, our favorite destination.”

Cards and notes of remembrance can be directed to
Emmerson Bowes
12 Stonybrook Road
Hopewell NJ 08525