2017 Annual Member’s Meeting

Elected officers for 2017

President – Martin Dellwo
Vice- President – George Armistead
Secretary – Linda Widdop
Treasurer – Bert Filemyr

Two new members of Council were elected to 3 year terms – Barb Bassett, Navin Sasikumar
The DVOC thanks Gregg Gorton and Tony Croasdale for their service on Council

From the DVOC Bylaws:
Fellows shall be chosen………from among the Active Members of at least one year’s standing as a recognition of the high quality of their ornithological work or contributions to the Club.
This year four members have been designated as Fellows of the DVOC:
Holly Merker
Patty Rehn
Navin Sasikumar
Louise Zemaitis

A full list of current Fellows and Honorary Members is avaialbe at

The Stephen Emery Tarcisius Kacir Award

The DVOC Council recently established the Stephen Emery Tarcisius Kacir Award for Extraordinary Service to the DVOC in the memory of and in the spirit of service exemplified by our dear friend Steve Kacir.
This is an occasional award that may be given to a member or members of the club who has/have performed a service or services for the club that goes/go above and beyond what would be deemed usual, customary, or expected. The said service(s) might occur during the course of regular club activities or official duties, or during some special event or on some special occasion, and would be deemed too far exceed what such activities or official duties routinely involve.
At the 2017 Annual Members’ Meeting this award was presented to Phil Witmer