DVOC Photo Contest 2016 – Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos this year! Out of 127 photos submitted by 18 club members, the judges (Steve Mattan, Patty Rehn, Martin Dellwo) had the difficult task of choosing the winners listed below. The entire presentation can be seen at this link:: DVOC Member’s Photography Night Presentation

Steve Kacir Memorial Award – Todd Fellenbaum, Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Bird Category
First Place – Marvin Hyett, Great Egret
Second Place – Todd Fellenbaum, Hooded Merganser
Third Place – Frank Windfelder, Snowy Egret
Honorable Mention – Todd Fellenbaum, Stellar’s Jay

Fauna Category
First Place – Todd Fellenbaum, Ringtail
Second Place – Bert Filemyr, Pine Martin
Third Place – Todd Fellenbaum, Monarch butterfly
Honorable Mention – Anne Bekker, Araneus Orb-weaver
Honorable Mention – George Armistead, Cheetahs

Flora Category
First Place – Anne Bekker, sunflowers
Second Place – Andy Smith, Toad Trillium
Third Place – Barb Bassett, morning dew

Scenery Category
First Place – Andy Smith, sunset over stormy ocean
Second Place – Anne Bekker, Brecon Beacons National Park
Third Place – Bert Filemyr, sunset over Cannes

Birders Category
First Place – George Armistead, a pile of birders
Second Place – Brian Quindlen, so much better than school
Third Place – Bert Filemyr, Brambling stakeout

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